Downloading Mutt

Mutt uses the "even minor number stable, odd minor number development" versioning scheme common to other projects. The current stable public release version is The current development release version is 1.5.24.

Source Releases

The source releases prior to 1.5.14 are signed with Thomas Roessler's GnuPG key.
The source releases from 1.5.14 on are signed with Brendan Cully's GnuPG key.
The source releases from 1.5.24 on are signed with Kevin McCarthy's GnuPG key. (primary site)


For information on getting pre-release code from Mutt's source repository, see


Note: Most modern distributions ship with their own packaged versions of Mutt. Links to Mutt packages from various package systems and some user-contributed packages are below.

BSD: Linux: MS Windows (may require Cygwin/etc.):
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