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Mutt 1.7.0 was released on August 18, 2016. This release has several new features. Please see the UPDATING file for details.

Mutt 1.6.2 was released on July 6, 2016. This is a bug-fix release, fixing two issues found with 1.6.1.

Mutt 1.6.1 was released on May 1, 2016. This is a bug-fix release, fixing three issues found with 1.6.0.

Mutt 1.6 was released on April 4, 2016. This stable release has an enormous number of changes compared to the 1.4 series. Please review the changes file for an overview of changes since the 1.4 series, or the UPDATING file for a more detailed breakdown by each previous development release.

Mutt 1.5.24 was released on August 31, 2015. In addition to bugfixes, we managed to slip in some new features and enhancements. See the UPDATING file for more details.

Mutt 1.5.23 was released on March 12, 2014. This is security bugfix release.

Mutt 1.5.22 was released on October 18, 2013. This is primarily a bugfix release. Adds support for TLS 1.1/1.2.

Mutt 1.5.21 was released on September 15, 2010. The most notable user-visible change (aside from bug fixes) is the new $mail_check_recent flag to partially address NewMailHandling (the major blocker for 1.6). It also contains a larger than usual number of bug fixes, thanks to the long time between releases. More details.

Mutt 1.5.20 was released on June 14, 2009. This release contains an enormous number of bugfixes, and several high-level changes.

Mutt 1.5.19 was released on January 5, 2009. This is mostly a bugfix release on the long road to 1.6.

Mutt 1.5.18 was released on May 17, 2008. This release contains 6 months of bug fixes, documentation improvements and performance enhancements since the release of 1.5.17, but only one new feature ($time_inc, for controlling the rate at which status updates are displayed). We're still in feature freeze (mostly) for 1.6. The list of items blocking the release of mutt 1.6 may be found here: Patches for any issues found there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the contributors for this release, especially Rocco for authoring well over half the changes.

Mutt 1.5.17 was released on November 1, 2007. This is a collection of bugfixes since the last release, as we stabilize the code for a 1.6 release. For those who are interested, the work left before 1.6 can be found here:

Mutt 1.5.16 was released on June 9, 2007. This release is largely a bug-fix release, but it does contain a couple of small new features (next-unread-mailbox, $message_cache_clean).

Mutt was released on June 9, 2007. This release fixes CVE-2007-2683 (gecos overflow) and CVE-2007-1558 (APOP MD5 collision attack).

Mutt 1.5.15 was released on April 6, 2007. This version has several new and long-standing feature patches applied in anticipation of a feature freeze toward 1.6. These include built-in SMTP, flowed mail support improvements, xterm title updating, charset improvements, GPG PKA support, etc. See the ChangeLog for full details.

Mutt 1.5.14 was released on February 23, 2007. This version is a snapshot of the recent development activity. See the ChangeLog for details.

Mutt 1.5.13 was released on August 14, 2006. This version is a snapshot of the recent development activity. See the ChangeLog for details.

Mutt 1.5.12 was released on July 14, 2006. This version is a snapshot of the recent development activity and also fixes CVE-2006-3242. See the ChangeLog for details.

Mutt was released on July 14, 2006. This release fixes CVE-2006-3242, a buffer overflow that could be triggered by a malicious IMAP server.

Mutt 1.5.11 was released on September 15, 2005. This version is a snapshot of the recent development activity. See the ChangeLog for details.

Mutt 1.5.10 was released on August 11, 2005. This version is a snapshot of the recent development activity. It is expected to fix a number of known bugs; see the ChangeLog for details.

Mutt 1.5.9 was released on March 13, 2005.

Mutt 1.5.8 was released on February 12, 2005.

Sept 18th 2004. The mailing lists are slowly coming back to life. Since the failure of 6 days ago, mail has been stored. Approx figures are 25,000 emails of which 4,600 were viruses (virii) and about 35 actual list traffic. Much being to invalid addresses and backscatter from forged addresses.
However normality has now been restored (HHGTTG).

Mutt was released on February 12, 2004. This release includes some files which were missing from the 1.4.2 release.

Mutt 1.4.2 was released on February 11, 2004. This version fixes a buffer overflow that can be triggered by incoming messages. There are reports about spam that has actually triggered this problem and crashed mutt. It is recommended that users of mutt versions prior to 1.4.2 upgrade to this version, or apply the patch included below. Users of "unstable" mutt versions after 1.3.28 (including 1.5.*) do not need to upgrade, as this problem had been fixed in the unstable branch in February 2002; unfortunately, the fix was not backported before 1.4 was released.

Mutt 1.4.1 and 1.5.4 were released on March 19, 2003. These releases both fix a buffer overflow identified by Core Security Technologies. The only differences between 1.4 and 1.4.1 are bug fixes. If you are currently using 1.4, it's probably a very good idea to update.

Mutt 1.4 was released on May 29, 2002. This release has been a long time coming, and users of older versions such as 1.2.x are encouraged to take a look at 1.4 and the changes.

Mutt 1.3.99 was released on May 2, 2002. This is hopefully the last release candidate before 1.4 final.

Mutt 1.3.28 was released on March 13, 2002. This is a release candidate for 1.4.

Mutt 1.3.27 was released on January 22, 2002. This is the next beta release toward the upcoming 1.4. This release fixes the SSL core dump present in the short-lived 1.3.26.

Mutt 1.3.26 was released on January 18, 2002. This is the next beta release toward the upcoming 1.4.

Mutt and 1.3.25 were released on January 1, 2002. These releases both fix a security hole which can be remotely exploited. For more information, see the release announcement.

Mutt 1.3.24 was released on November 30, 2001. This is a beta development release toward the next stable public release version. There have been several large changes since 1.2.x, so please check the recent changes page.

The Mutt CVS server has moved from to

Mutt 1.2.5 was released on July 28, 2000. This is the latest maintenance update of the stable branch of mutt, and this time, we really suggest that you update.

This release fixes at least one grave IMAP error which may lead to confusing display and other strangeness, and our instances of the "wuftpd format bug", which had (mostly) the effect that your IMAP server's operator could break into your computer with some work.

Mutt 1.2.4 was released on July 7, 2000. This version fixes a couple of problems present in 1.2.2, and one problem leading to crashes whose fix was lacking from 1.2.3. We suggest that users of earlier versions upgrade to this release of mutt.

Mutt 1.2.3 was released on July 7, 2000.

Mutt 1.2.2 was released on June 20, 2000. This version fixes a build problem present with 1.2.1. If Mutt-1.2.1 is working for you, there is no need to upgrade.

Mutt 1.2.1 was released on June 19, 2000.

Mutt 1.2 was released on May 9, 2000. Note that this version contains several significant changes, and users should not upgrade without reading the and the README.UPGRADE file.

Mutt 1.0.1 was released on January 19, 2000. Changes include a y2k fix for dealing with odd dates from some mailers, and additional translations. There is no reason to upgrade if you haven't experienced problems with 1.0.

Mutt 1.0 was released on October 22, 1999. The is available.

Mutt 1.0pre4 (RELEASE CANDIDATE) was released on October 11, 1999.

Mutt 1.0pre3 (RELEASE CANDIDATE) was released on September 25, 1999. This fixes the below mentioned buffer overflow, and users are urged to upgrade immediately.

A buffer overflow has been discovered in Mutt's text/enriched handler for both the stable and unstable branches. It may be exploited by an attacker constructing suitably formatted e-mail messages. A patch can be found , and new releases will be available shortly.

Mutt 1.0pre2 (RELEASE CANDIDATE) was released on September 1, 1999.

Mutt 1.0pre1 (RELEASE CANDIDATE) was released on August 24, 1999.

Mutt 0.95.7 (BETA) was released on August 17, 1999.

Mutt 0.95.6 (BETA) was released on June 3, 1999.

Mutt 0.95.5 (BETA) was released on April 23, 1999.

Mutt 0.95.3 (BETA) was released on February 12, 1999.

Mutt 0.95.1 (BETA) was released on January 4, 1999.

Mutt 0.95 (BETA) was released on December 12, 1998.

A serious security hole has been found in Mutt's handling of MIME content types. All Mutt users are encouraged to upgrade to at least version 0.93.2 in order to correct the problem. For more information, check the CERT site.

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